Depreciation on life-saving gadgets enhanced

NEW DELHI MAY 22. The Union Finance Ministry has enhanced the depreciation rate to 40 per cent on certain life-saving medical equipment, for which appropriate notifications have been issued.

According to the Ministry, the medical equipment covered include D. C. defibrillators for internal use and pace-makers; haemodialysors; heart-lung machines, cobalt therapy unit; colour dopplers; SPECT gamma cameras; vascular angiography systems, including digital substraction angiography; ventilators used with anaesthesia apparatus; magnetic resonance imaging systems; surgical lasers; ventilators, other than those used with anaesthesia; gamma knife; bone marrow transplant equipment, including silastic long standing intravenous catheters for chemotherapy; fibre-optic endoscopes, including paediatric resectosopes/audit resectoscopes, peritoneoscopes, Arthoscopes, Microlaryngoscopes, fibreoptic flexible nasal pharyngo Bronchoscopes, fibre-optic flexible laryngo bronchoscopes, video laryngo bronchoscopes and video oesophago gastroscopes, stroboscope, fibre-optic flexible oesophago gastroscopes and laparoscopes (single incision).

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