Depleting water table in Hassan taluk a cause for concern

The depleting water table in Hassan taluk is a matter of great concern. The records of the Mines and Geology Department show that static water-level has gone down in borewells, identified for observation, in Hassan taluk. In the last year, the static water-level has gone down in seven borewells in Hassan taluk.

Seven borewells

In a borewell at Channapatna, on the outskirts of Hassan, water was available at a depth of 11.22 m in May 2011 whereas in May 2012, the groundwater level had gone down to 17.6 m.

Similarly, in Mosale Hosahalli, groundwater level went down from 7.30 m in May 2011 to 9.30 m May 2012, in Kandali, it went down from 18.5 m in 2011 to 23 m in 2012, in Kattaya, it went down from 8.31 m in 2011 to 8.90 m in 2012. In a borewell at Nittur, the water table is at 8.23 m (2012) as against 5.4 m (2011), in Salagame, it is at 3.53 m (2012) as against 3.40 m in 2011 and in Shantigramam, it is at 3.62 m (2012) as against 3.3 m (2011.

Several reasons

E.C. Dwitheeya, geologist of the department, said that the staff members measured the groundwater level in every borewell in the last week of each month. There were many reasons for the depletion in water-level such as dip in rainfall and increasing dependence on borewells for agricultural purposes.

Dried up

The five borewells drilled on Sri Jayachamarajendra Government Hospital premises to provide water for the hospital have dried up, forcing the hospital management to depend on private tankers. Four days ago, hospital staff had to postpone a few surgeries as there was no water.

K. Shankar, Medical Superintendent, said that geologists had told him that the groundwater table had depleted and they had to make alternative arrangements for water. Hassan MLA H.S. Prakash had released funds from his local area development fund to drill a borewell at Silver Jubilee Park on B.M. Road exclusively for the hospital’s benefit. “The borewell has been drilled. We have to get the electricity connection and lay a pipeline to get water,” Dr. Shankar said.

People have observed that a couple of years ago, they were getting water at a depth of 60 ft in Hassan city, but now they have to dig deeper to get water. The breaching of Channapatna tank to construct the hi-tech bus terminus on the outskirts of Hassan city is said to be another reason for the depletion of the water table in town limits. The tank was breached in 1999 to construct the bus terminus.

Nagaraj, a resident of Udayagiri in Hassan, said that the water-level in his borewell had gone down after the tank was breached. “Earlier, we had sufficient water in our 60-ft borewell. Last year, we drilled another 20 ft to get water,” he said.

‘No study done’

C. Hanumantha Reddy, senior geologist of the Mines and Geology Department, said that there had been no study to analyse the impact of the tank being breached. “We have only one observation well at Channapanta in Hassan city limits. We cannot assess if the groundwater level in the city has depleted keeping the water-level records of one borewell,” he said.

Five borewells drilled on Sri Jayachamarajendra Government Hospital premises have dried up

Breaching of Channapatna tank said to be a reason for depletion of the water table