Delegation of top Chinese artists returns from India

Beijing team visits after ICCR extends invitation

A 10-member delegation of top Chinese painters and artists visited India last week and interacted with their Indian counterparts in different cities.

The delegation, which was led by Wu Shan Ming, member of China Academy of Arts, visited the country from March 5 to 11 and comprised artists from the Zhejiang Kaiming Art Gallery.

Painter Shen Shu

The delegation included famous painter Shen Shu, who had earlier presented a portrait to Prime Minister Narendra Modi during his last year’s visit to Hangzhou to attend the G20 Summit.

It also included distinguished painters from Shanghai led by Luo Wei Min and Zhang Yi Ren.

Min, who is a student of eminent painter late Wang Zhijie, has contributed a set of paintings titled “India through Chinese Eyes”, the Indian Consulate in Shanghai said in a statement on Monday.

The Chinese delegation visited at the invitation of the Indian Council of Cultural Relations.

During the India tour, the delegation visited New Delhi, Rajasthan and Varanasi. and interacted with Ambassador Amrendra Kathua, Director-General of the Indian Council of Cultural Relations.

They also met several other leading artists from India.

Workshops with Indian artists were also organised in Varanasi and Jaipur.

Culture week

It is expected that the artists would attempt another set of impressions of their visit to India through a series of paintings to be put on display at the India Culture Week likely to be hosted in Hangzhou in mid-June this year, the consulate statement said.

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