‘Debate over triple talaq stems from ignorance’

Rights and duties:The Jamaat-e-Islami Hind lays the burden of preserving family tradition on the Muslim women.PTI  

While accusing the media and “anti-Islam forces” of showing Muslims in a negative light, prominent Islamic organisation, the Jamaat-e-Islami Hind, says the current debate on ‘triple talaq’ and objections raised on Muslim personal laws are a consequence of the “rot” and religious ignorance in Muslim society.

In a 16-page booklet titled ‘Problems Facing Muslim Women and their Solution’, released as part of the Muslim Personal Law awareness campaign, the organisation lays the burden of preserving Islamic family tradition on the Muslim women.

‘Managers of family’

Terming Muslim women “supervisors” and “managers” of the family, the JIH says the “un-Islamic customs and traditions prevalent in society today are due only to the women unaware of her din (faith).”

The JIH also says that those Muslim women who approached the Supreme Court against ‘triple talaq’ and polygyny are “irresponsible and ignorant of Islamic teachings” for thinking they are “oppressive to women.” It also justifies polygyny among Muslims claiming it is “compatible with human nature.”

While declaring that is a “great sin” for a man to pronounce three talaqs in one go, the booklet says it is not desirable if a man makes “haste in bringing his matrimonial life to an end.”

Even as it claims that both men and women have rights to divorce under Islamic Law, the booklet discourages Muslim women from divorcing their husbands.

However, it acknowledges that women are being deprived of their rightful share of inheritance under Quranic laws.

It argues against taking disputes to court, saying that “when the cases are made public, anti-Islam forces get a chance to point fingers at Islam.”