Deadlier version of BrahMos to be tested in three years

To get meaner:The Brahmos supersonic cruise missile.  

A sleeker, more lethal version of the supersonic cruise missile BrahMos is under development and the prototype should be ready for testing in about three years, said Dr. Sudhir K. Mishra, CEO and MD of BrahMos Aerospace.

“We are working on BrahMos NG. The idea is to have a smaller missile with the same capabilities. So the missile will fly at 3.5 times the speed of sound instead of 2.8 Mach. The range will remain at 300 km,” Dr. Mishra said at the ongoing Aero India.

New components

For this several mechanical components in the missile are being replaced with electrical components which will also reduce the size. A structural study has been carried out and several sub-systems have already been developed. “In three years we expect to develop a prototype for launch,” Dr. Mishra stated.

BrahMos is a joint venture between India and Russia and named after Brahmaputra and Moscowa rivers. It is capable of being launched from land, sea, sub-sea and air against surface and sea-based targets. The development trials of an anti-shipping variant began in 2003 and combat trials began in 2005.

The reduced weight enables the NG variant to be carried by the indigenous Light Combat Aircraft (LCA). An LCA can carry two missiles while a Su-30MKI can carry five of them, Dr. Mishra added.

The land and sea variants of BrahMos are already operational with the Army and Navy and the air-launched version is under development.