Cut in working hours sought

Says technological development has improved workers’ productivity

The Centre of Indian Trade Unions (CITU) has demanded that the Union government reduce the working hours as development in technology has increased the productivity of workers.

Briefing presspersons on the deliberations at the national conference of the CITU under way here, CITU general secretary Tapan Sen said on Friday that jobless growth was a new phenomenon. The period of GDP growth was a period of decline in job opportunities.

The neoliberal policies pursued by the government were aggravating unemployment, price rise, and impoverishment of the people. As the input of technology had increased the productivity of workers, they should work for lesser hours, he said. Same wage for same work, 35 hours/week work and four-shift working day, social security for all, no employment below the statutory minimum wage, and social security were among the tasks set by the report.

Mr. Sen said discussions on the first part of the report he had presented at the conference were continuing on the second day on Friday.

The report evaluated the struggles and other activities launched by the CITU since its 13th national conference in Chandigarh in 2010 and adopted a series of tasks for the future.

The report considered the policies of the Union government to be dangerous for national sovereignty and for the people.

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