Crowdfunded research into the mafia

An Italian student is appealing to the public to crowdfund his Ph.D. research into the mafia so he can shed new light on organised crime on the streets of Naples where the powerful Camorra syndicate holds sway.

After being rebuffed by supervisors in Italy who thought studying statistics beat infiltrating the grimy world of extortionists and victims, Mario Trifuoggi decided to move his Ph.D. to London and ask donors to help with the costs.

He is looking to raise £22,000 to study at Goldsmiths University alongside others working in the field. Growing up in an area of Naples dominated by the powerful mafia syndicate left its mark on Trifuoggi.

“In southern Italy we are portrayed either as victims of these criminal gangs or as complicit in their work,” he said.

So far, in 24 days, Trifuoggi’s Four Days of Naples Reloaded page has raised £2,093, largely from southern Italians who support his anti-mafia efforts and academics committed to freedom in research. — AFP

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