CPI (M) wants time-bound probe

Special Correspondent

Dalit killings: Brinda Karat meets PM

NEW DELHI: Suggesting that the Central Bureau of Investigation conduct the probe into Khairlanji Dalit killings in a time-bound manner, the Communist Party of India (Marxist) urged the Centre to take action against lawyers and police officials in the case.

Party Polit Bureau member Brinda Karat, who led a delegation to Khairlanji in Bhandara district of Maharashtra and on Wednesday met Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, said the case should be tried by a fast track court and the prosecution should include lawyers suggested by the victims' families.

Ms. Karat also demanded that the doctors be prosecuted for fudging the post-mortem report and the Superintendent of Police and other police officials responsible for "connivance in weak investigation and destruction of evidence" suspended immediately. She also urged that the Dalits who were arrested be released and cases against them withdrawn.

She also urged that the Prime Minister call a meeting of the Home Ministers and Home Secretaries of States where atrocities against Dalits were on the rise and work out a plan of action and a code of conduct for the administration and officials dealing with all such cases.

The party, in a press release, said the Prime Minister promised that he would intervene to ensure justice and that there would be a special session at the coming National Development Council meeting to discuss the measures required to prevent atrocities on Dalits and weaker sections.

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