Clearance for Neutrino project suspended

“The claim is that the site is within 4.9 km of the Madhikettan Shola Natural Park. This is very close to the guideline limit of 5 kilometres. So we have to verify that the project actually falls within this distance. If it does, we will surely get the clearance as instructed. We have no intention of flouting any rules,” said D. Indumathi, Spokesperson of the INO, Faculty at the Institute of Mathematical Sciences.

Sekhar Basu, Chairperson of the Department of Atomic Energy said that as he had not seen the judgment, he could not comment. He, however, added that if the INO cannot come up anywhere in India, the people would just lose in terms of science.

Dr. Basu also dismissed fears that there was a plan to store nuclear waste in the tunnels of the INO. “It is really a pity that such a fear exists, and it is a story without a basis,” he said.

Dr. Indumathi also said, “The judge has requested to conduct the case expeditiously. So we are hopeful that things will move quickly now.”

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