Centre invites feedback on draft Emigration Bill

The Ministry of External Affairs will entertain suggestions and comments on the draft Emigration Bill, 2019, giving an opportunity for Non-Resident Indians (NRIs) to air their views till Sunday. These can be e-mailed to and

Official sources said the new Bill would ensure the overall welfare and protection of emigrants and it included a proposal to constitute an Emigration Management Authority (EMA).

One of the proposals is to make mandatory the registration of all categories of Indian nationals proceeding for overseas employment including students pursuing higher studies abroad. Previously, the Ministry had issued an order on off-loading non-Emigration Check Required status passport holders flying to 18 countries who had not made pre-departure online registration.


Now the new Bill focusses on making registration on a digital platform so as to keep emigration a swift, efficient and hassle-fee process.

Another salient feature of the Bill is the mandatory registration of recruitment agencies and student enrolment agencies. Sub-agents have also been brought under the ambit of the proposed Bill.

The Bill has comprehensive provisions, including insurance, pre-departure orientation, skill upgradation, legal assistance, migrant resource centres, help desks, migration and and mobility partnerships.

The Emigration Management Authority will have nodal authorities in all States and Union Territories that will be chaired at Principal Secretary level.