Cell firms may appeal against TRAI recommendations

NEW DELHI JAN. 28. The Telecom Regulatory Authority of India's (TRAI) attempt to end the phone wars by announcing new tariffs and interconnection rates has left the private cellular companies more unhappy than their limited-mobility counterparts.

The cellular companies are not only unwilling to drop a pending case in the telecom dispute settlement tribunal against the limited mobility companies, but also toying with plans of appealing against the TRAI's latest recommendations.

Associations of both sides have planned meetings to study the implications of the TRAI's recommendations on the charges paid by a company from where the call has originated to a company where it has terminated.

According to cell companies, the formula favours the limited mobility companies, since calls from fixed to limited mobility networks will be cheaper than those from fixed to their networks.

While the cellular companies have been expressing dissatisfaction right from the day the TRAI proposed the new interconnect charges which are proposed to take effect from April 1, the limited mobility companies have taken the stand that they would prefer to study the issue from all aspects before taking a stand.

However, their officials say that TRAI has taken a fairly balanced position on tariffs and interconnect charges. It will now be up to the market to determine the winners.

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