Budget Session most productive in 15 years

The recently concluded Budget Session of Parliament was the most productive session in 15 years, data compiled by the PRS Legislative Research show.

While the Lok Sabha worked for 123 per cent of its scheduled time, the Rajya Sabha worked for 102 per cent.

While a Bharatiya Janata Party spokesperson attributed this to leadership and floor management, the size of its majority may also have something to do with it; the last House with a majority this large, the Rajiv Gandhi-led government from 1984 to 1989, also had a productivity of over 100 per cent.

Question Hour

The Question Hour, which has been a particular victim of disruptions in the recent past, functioned better than it has in 10 years; 135 questions were answered orally in each House, double the average until now. A third of all scheduled questions could be answered orally in the Rajya Sabha. Bills amending ordinances made up a third of all Bills introduced during this session. Unusually, nearly a quarter of the Bills had recorded voting after calling for a division; typically Bills are passed through a voice vote.

While LS worked for 123% of its scheduled time, RS worked for 102%