‘BRICS should fight against terror’

Ram Madhav

Ram Madhav  

Shun narrow self-interests and double standards, says BJP leader Ram Madhav

Without naming Pakistan, the BJP on Sunday asserted that the BRICS grouping, during its summit in September, should deny “narrow self-interests and double standards” the opportunity to hamper the fight against international terrorism.

“Terrorism today has become an instrument of state policy for some countries, while a number of rogue terror groups wander around the lawless lands of some other regions of the world,” said Ram Madhav, BJP national general secretary.

Addressing a brainstorming conference of political parties and think tanks of the BRICS, organised by the Communist Party of China (CPC), Mr. Madhav advocated that without making exceptions, the five emerging economies should “take the lead” in finalising a comprehensive convention on international terrorism.

“The need of the hour is for countries to work towards dismantling terror infrastructure, destroying terror network and drying up the sources of terror financing and weapons supply,” he observed.

Centre of gravity

Mr. Madhav called upon the BRICS countries to exercise leadership in brainstorming the concept of Indo-Pacific region, which, in his view had emerged as the centre of gravity of the global system. “At the advent of the millennium, global power axis is shifting away from the Pacific-Atlantic region. Today, it is the Indo-Pacific region that has emerged as the new global power house,” he asserted. Separately, in a conversation with The Hindu , Mr. Madhav rejected the perception that the Indo-Pacific concept was meant to dock with the Pivot to Asia doctrine of the United States for the containment of China. “The Indo-Pacific is not part of any exclusivist statement. It is in the Indo-Pacific that we have the economies of scale, and it is here that we have big consuming markets. It here that 70% of container trade of the world takes place. This is the most happening region [of the world]. So naturally we all have big stakes in the region. But this does not mean it is [meant to] exclude anybody.”

The senior BJP leader stressed that BRICS was the cornerstone of new non-western “counter-narrative” to establish a new global order of the 21st century.

Mr. Madhav called for greater participation of the BRICS, “especially India, South Africa and Brazil” to ensure the relevance of “20th century institutions” including the U.N. Security Council.

He pointed to the “multi-polar world order” which demanded democratisation of international relations based on the principles of rule of law, respectful of the plurality of our world.

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