Border talks constructive: China

SINGAPORE Oct. 28. The Chinese Foreign Ministry spokeswoman, Zhang Qiyue, said in Beijing today that the designated Special Representatives of the two countries, Dai Bingguo and Brajesh Mishra, held a "constructive" meeting on the border issue in New Delhi on October 23 and 24.

Ms. Zhang said the meeting "will promote further understanding between the two sides." The discussions between the two interlocutors took place in a "cordial" and "cooperative" atmosphere. She said the two negotiators agreed to meet again, in Beijing this time, at a mutually acceptable date. The Prime Ministers of China and India, Wen Jiabao and Atal Bihari Vajpayee, had agreed, at their summit in Beijing on June 23, to appoint a Special Representative from each side for exploring "the framework of a boundary settlement'' as could be seen from the political perspective of the overall bilateral relationship. The leaders reaffirmed their readiness to seek a "fair, reasonable and mutually acceptable solution through consultations on an equal footing." The Dai-Brajesh meeting was held against this background.

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