BJP's poll panel to meet on Nov. 3

NEW DELHI OCT. 22. The BJP's central election committee is scheduled to meet here for three days from November 3 to finalise the names of party candidates for the five States going to the polls.

A party spokesperson, Prakash Javadekar, said the election committees of each of the five States had nearly completed the job of vetting the list of aspirants and would be forwarding their recommendations to the central election committee in the next few days.

Mr. Javadekar said the party had set five criteria for selection, including work in the constituency, rapport with voters, loyalty to the party and the winning prospects of the candidate.

The Rajasthan State election committee is understood to have finalised its recommendations for all the 200 Assembly seats. The Chhattisgarh committee has completed the review of 60 seats and the remaining 30 will be finalised on October 29. The Madhya Pradesh election committee is reported to have completed its review of 153 seats, while the Delhi committee has completed the task of interviewing all the candidates and a formal meeting to finalise its recommendations will be held from October 27. According to Mr. Javadekar, the committees, while finalising their lists, will take into consideration the feedback received from party functionaries as well as the surveys carried out by the party.

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