BJP for action against Sonia too

Staff Reporter

Naidu asks EC to play a pro-active role

KOCHI: Bharatiya Janata Party leader Venkaiah Naidu has said the Election Commission should take a pro-active role in initiating action against Parliament members holding offices of profit. Referring to the disqualification of Jaya Bachchan, he said similar action should be taken in the case of Congress president and United Progressive Alliance chairperson, Sonia Gandhi, who was enjoying Cabinet status.

About 40 cases have been identified where action could be initiated by the Commission. The BJP would take up the issue, he told a press conference on Saturday.


Mr. Naidu said a realignment of forces would take place after the coming Assembly elections in the States. The UPA would become more vulnerable as the Congress would lose power in several States including Kerala and Assam, he predicted. The BJP would be in the comeback mode after the next round of Assembly polls, according to him.

"Nobody will get majority in Tamil Nadu and West Bengal," he said. In Tamil Nadu, there is no wave in favour of anyone. In West Bengal, the CPI (M) will not get the support it used to enjoy earlier.

The BJP was holding talks with the JD (U) and the Janata Party led by Subramanian Swamy for an alliance. In West Bengal, the BJP would align with the Trinamool Congress. The party would go alone and offer an alternative platform in Kerala. Asked about striking an alliance with parties including the DIC (K), he said, "anyone who opposes LDF and UDF is agreeable to us." Kerala has to be liberated from the two Fronts, he said.

The party will have to work hard in Kerala, but he was confident it would open its account and improve the percentage of votes in the State. "Politics is not a one-day match," he said, in reply to a question on the party's failure in the last parliamentary elections in the State.

The selection of BJP candidates for the Kerala Assembly polls would be completed by March 27. The State election committee of the party would meet in Thiruvananthapuram on March 23.

He accused the CPI (M) of appeasing minorities in Kerala. He alleged that the UPA was pursuing a divisive agenda.