BJP chief slams campaign on court order

KOCHI Sept. 21. The BJP president, M. Venkaiah Naidu, said today that the party would legally face the Rae Bareli court's prima facie findings in the Ayodhya case and also counter what he called "the politically motivated campaign'' unleashed by the Leftists and Congress parties in the wake of the court order.

Addressing a press conference, he said the attack against the BJP on the Ayodhya issue was "politically motivated and intended to put pressure on the Central Bureau of Investigation to proceed further in the case."

Referring to the statements of the Congress and the CPI(M), he said the BJP did not have to learn lessons from them. In fact, it was not a case involving "moral turpitude'' or "corruption''. Nor it was a criminal case. It was really a case relating to "an agitation'' launched by the people.

The BJP was proud of the leaders who led the agitation and did "not feel shy of it''. It decided to educate the people about the perspective of the BJP on the issue.

Mr. Naidu said the CBI did not come under the Home Ministry. The BJP's conduct was a testimony to the respect shown by it to the rule of law. The Government could have withdrawn the case, but it did not do so.

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