`Bilkis falsely implicated accused'

MUMBAI, MARCH 11. The defence today said that Bilkis Yakub Rasul had falsely implicated the 12 accused in the case of rape and murder and she had not even seen the incident. Bilkis denied all these suggestions put to her by defence counsel, Harshad Ponda.

Mr. Ponda said that contrary to what Bilkis had stated, she was not with her family when they fled their village Randhikpur after the riots broke out on February 28, 2002. She did not visit any of the places she claims to have visited while they were on the run from Randhikpur from February 28 till March 3, 2002.

Mr. Ponda completed the cross-examination of Bilkis in the court of special judge, U.D. Salvi. Mr. Ponda had earlier asked about certain contradictions and omissions in her statements made to the Gujarat police and the Central Bureau of Investigation.