Apex court handbook on filing, listing cases

J. Venkatesan

New Delhi: The Supreme Court has brought out a handbook on the practice and procedure of filing and listing cases with all details of court fee.

Priced at Rs. 20, the handbook has been published at the initiative of Chief Justice Y.K. Sabharwal to ensure more transparency in the functioning of the apex court. Authored by Registrar-General V.K. Jain (till Wednesday he was Registrar-Judicial), it will be a boon even to a layman in knowing in which cases appeals can be filed and the types of cases that can be filed.

There are 45 categories of cases being filed in the Registry. Litigants can get confirmation whether listing has been done correctly before the Bench concerned as per the categorisation.

The cases of the accused in custody, senior citizens, retrenchment, corruption, and matrimonial, group and old matters should be given priority in listing. The book also provides information about the mode of paying court fee at the time of filing the petition, e-filing and the interactive voice response system by which a litigant can know the status of his case over telephone (24357276) without using the Internet.