Annoyed father plays bomb hoax

NEW DELHI NOV. 7. A father, annoyed at his daughter's marriage with a foreigner, sent out an anonymous message that resulted in a full alert at the Indira Gandhi International Airport here today. It all started when the Immigration authorities here received an alert that a passenger named Nikita Prasad, travelling by a Virgin Atlantic flight from London to Delhi, was carrying explosives and had links with "dangerous gangs".

The message, sources said, was an anonymous fax that first reached the authorities in London who, in turn, relayed it to Delhi. On checking, the name of the passenger in the fax message was found in the flight manifest.The security machinery at IGIA swung into action. The plane landed at 11-45 a.m. and was guided to the isolation bay. All the 253 passengers on board were made to alight and taken to safety. Ms. Prasad was singled out for questioning by the Intelligence and police officials.

The origin of the message was traced to Ms. Prasad's father at Hazaribagh. Annoyed over his daughter's decision to marry a foreigner, police sources said, he had sent the fax to London stating that she was carrying explosives.

The message also talked of Ms. Prasad being linked to some gangs. Ms. Prasad was later released.

While the security officials heaved a sigh of relief, they are worried at the growing number of pranks and hoax calls.

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