‘Allowing FDI in media not a good idea’

Allowing foreign direct investment in the media is like inviting foreigners to sit in Indian Parliament, senior journalist Ishwar Daithota has said.

“As we can’t expect foreign MPs to safeguard the interests of our people, we can’t expect media houses with foreign investment to respond to their problems too,” he said after inaugurating Varadigarara Koota, a forum of news reporters, here on Saturday.


The Union government has approved 76 per cent FDI in non-news media and 26 per cent FDI in news and current affairs publications.

“The Centre would have done it long ago if there had not been opposition to increasing the cap on foreign investment in news and current affairs publications. Keeping news media out of the FDI ambit is necessary to strengthen democracy,” he said.

I.M. Mohan, principal, Government Arts College, said students who would like to enter journalism should choose a subject of their interest and study it in depth as journalists with some specialisation would get a lot of opportunities.