AI to continue services to Kuwait

NEW DELHI APRIL 9. Despite the directive from the Indian Pilots' Guild (IPG) to its members asking them not to operate flights in or out of Kuwait, Air India has decided to continue its services to the country.

Describing the IPG directive as ``baffling'', Air India said the worst phase of the war was already over and the air space had been regarded safe by international aviation organisations. Air India would operate the flights with the assistance of its executive pilots.

Further, the global insurance companies that enhance premium whenever there is a slight risk due to war or other reasons have not done so this time as the risk element in operation of flights was non-existent.

``It is unfortunate that the IPG has issued the directive at a time when Air India has earned commendation from the large Indian community for operating special services at the commencement of the Iraq war to enable Indians to return home,'' an Air India spokesperson said.