A warning to UPA Government: Left

NEW DELHI: The Left parties on Thursday congratulated the working class all over the country for the response to the general strike called by trade unions and said it was a warning to the United Progressive Alliance Government which should seriously consider the 16-demand and take appropriate measures.

"The strike action is a clear demonstration of the resolve of the working class to resist the privatisation drive and polices which erode the hard-won gains. The strike serves as a warning to the government not to embark upon changes in labour laws without first holding negotiations with trade unions," the Polit Bureau of the Communist Party of India (Marxist) said in a statement.

It said the massive participation of State Governments employees in different States highlights the demand that their right to strike must be protected by legislation. It said the after the strike action by Airport Authority of India employees against the proposed privatisation of the Delhi and Mumbai airports, the government should immediately take up for consideration the alternative proposals submitted by the employees for the modernisation of these two airports.

Intensified agitation

The All India Forward Bloc said the strike was a warning to the government that if it violates the common minimum programme and continue with its "anti-working class policies," the working classes would go for more vigorous and intensified agitation in future.

"The government is trying to satiate the interests of the capitalist and the multinational companies at the cost of the interests of the working class of the country. All new labour laws being formulated are aiming at curtailing the hard earned rights of the workers," the party said.

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