Zero Hour attendance abysmally low

The practice of deferring Zero Hour to the fag end of the day's proceedings after completion of government business in the Lok Sabha has apparently had a detrimental effect.

Earlier, Zero Hour mention of important public issues was taken up at noon after Question Hour. But with more members wanting to raise issues vital to their constituencies and other interruptions, a change was forced in the arrangement, something which seemingly doesn't suit both the members and the Chair.

The impact was visible on Thursday, as also the day before, for different reasons. On Thursday, there were fewer members as the others had simply left the House after passing the Supplementary Demands, whereas on Wednesday, the members were agitated that the Chair had not stuck to its promise of taking it up at 6 p.m., but deferred it till the completion of the discussion on population stabilisation.

Presiding Officer Inder Singh Namdhari, using his authority and tact, compelled members to remain in the House even after making their Zero Hour mention instead of leaving.

He asked the former Union Minister, Satpal Maharaj, if he intended to leave with telling effect to get a “no” in reply. Mr. Namdhari was direct with BJP's Pradip Kumar Singh, asking him not to leave the House.

There were just two Cabinet Ministers sitting — Subodh Kant Sahay and Srikant Jena — and apparently the House continued with its proceedings despite the lack of quorum.

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