U.S. delegate backs CPI(M) stand on the civilian nuclear agreement

Terrie Albano

Terrie Albano  

Vinay Kumar

The Left leader terms Bush administration a destabilising factor in world polity

COIMBATORE: Representing what she says is the voice of “another America,” a leader of the Communist Party of the United States feels that Washington’s overall strategic plan for Asia was to pit one country against another to isolate China.

Terming the Bush Administration a “destabilising factor” in the world polity, Terrie Albano, who is also editor of the People’s Weekly World, said there should not be any illusion about the destabilising factor of the Bush Administration in Asia. Ms. Albano heads the two-member delegation of the Communist Party of USA and is attending the ongoing 19th Congress of the Communist Party of India (Marxist) as a fraternal delegate.

Talking to The Hindu here on Sunday, she declared full support to the CPI(M) stand of India pursuing an independent foreign policy and protecting its sovereignty.

“There should be cooperation, including in key areas of nuclear energy, with the U.S. but what is worrying is that such a civilian nuclear agreement with America threatens to impinge on India’s sovereignty. India cannot do this,” she said.

Ms. Albano, who is a member of the National Board of the Communist Party of USA, favoured “equal cooperation” between India and the U.S. Agreeing that India’s energy needs were growing and nuclear energy was one of the cleanest sources of energy, she said the U.S. “military-industrial complex” was supporting the American government and was laying down its own conditions like the Hyde Act to take care of its own interests.

She blamed the ways of the Bush Administration — unilateralism, premature invasion of Iraq, continuing support to Israel despite atrocities and the killings of Palestinians in Gaza — which had a “destabilising effect” on the world polity.

Answering a query on the U.S. launching the global war on terror, Ms. Albano felt that America had used the 9/11 strikes to further its own agenda and bigger ambitions. In her opinion, nearly 70 per cent of the American people did not approve of the foreign and economic policies of the Bush Administration. “You have to be cooperative and not belligerent if you want to live up to the idea of being a big world leader in global affairs in a positive sense and not continue military aggression,” she said.

On the U.S. Presidential elections, Ms. Albano said a large number of “progressive forces” were working for the Democratic Party candidates. “It is a coalition effort and the unions, the progressive forces, are carrying out a mass struggle that this is finding expression in the Democratic Party,” the Left leader from the U.S. added.

Ms. Albano, who had also attended the 2002 Congress of the CPI(M), had a message for the Indian people: “American people very much want to uphold anti-imperialist traditions and help in developing a world that is peaceful and progressive. This is the voice of another America.”

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