U.N. counsels patience on Azhar listing

These countries feel that the current definition of terrorism targeting civilians could also be used against their military during international interventions. However, Mr. Laborde said he expects that the CCIT would be discussed at the UNSC in December this year when he holds an “open briefing” on international cooperation on terrorism, and is hopeful of eliciting a resolution on the issue that the Modi government has taken up strongly.

However, a more urgent issue for the government is naming Masood Azhar as a designated U.N. terrorist to be sanctioned under the UNSC’s 1267 resolution that would direct Pakistan to place restrictions on him. Despite the JeM being named in 2008, its leader has escaped designation, and earlier this year China put a “technical hold” on India’s request. That hold expires on December 31, 2016, but India has made it clear it is running out of patience.

Action delayed: envoy

Accusing the U.N. of working in a “time warp” permanent envoy Syed Akbaruddin told the General Assembly’s 71st session on November 8 in a stern statement that its workings were a “mix of ad-hocism, scrambling and political paralysis”.

“While our collective conscience is ravaged everyday by terrorists in some region or another, the Security Council gives itself 9 months to consider whether to sanction leaders of organisations it has itself designated as terrorist entities,” he said in a direct reference to the JeM leader’s case.

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