Sanjay Dutt prepared for any eventuality

Sanjay Dutt

Sanjay Dutt  

New Delhi: Days before he is to be sentenced in the 1993 Mumbai blasts case, actor Sanjay Dutt on Wednesday said he believed with ``total conviction'' that the judiciary in the case concerned has always been impartial and he is prepared for any eventuality.

``I have been [standing] in the honourable court for 15 years and there are no favourites and favouritism of any sort to anybody. It's always been fair,'' he said in an interview to NDTV.

Asked whether he got favourable treatment as ``he was Sanjay Dutt,'' the actor said, ``Justice Kode has been fair with everyone.''

Prison experience

Reliving the moment when the judge declared that he did not find the actor a terrorist, Dutt said, ``I wanted to cry. I do not know. I nearly did. It was a burden off the Dutt family.''

Describing the days when he was in prison as ``traumatic,'' he said, ``Every human being in the world takes freedom for granted. But once it is taken away from you, you realise how valuable it is, and I have realised that.'' The days in detention were very ``difficult'' for him.

On whether he was mentally prepared in the event of things not going his way during sentencing, he said, "You have to think both ways and you have to be prepared both ways.'' PTI

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