Samajwadi Party not playing the Hindu card, says Amar Singh

Special Correspondent

NEW DELHI: The Samajwadi Party on Wednesday denied that its new-found bonhomie with the former BJP leader, Kalyan Singh, amounted to playing the Hindu card.

“If someone wants to lend strength to our convictions, why should we not accept his contributions?”

Because of its decision, the SP would not lose the support of the minorities, general secretary Amar Singh told journalists here, reasoning that Muslims should not be viewed as a vote bank.

The SP would use any weapon to beat fundamentalism with. With Mr. Kalyan Singh’s exit, the BJP was bereft of its soul and all that remained of the party was a structure.

Mr. Amar Singh said the attack on Mr. Kalyan Singh was politically motivated and what mattered to the SP was his changed perception that the BJP was a “Bharat Jalao Party” and now he was working to douse the “communal flames whipped up by the BJP.” Expressing his unhappiness with the Congress reaction to this political development, Mr. Amar Singh recalled that the Congress joined hands with Mr. Kalyan Singh’s now-defunct Rashtriya Kranti Party to pull down the Mayawati government.

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