Rahul to democratise youth organisations

Kanwar Yogendra

SHIMLA: Congress general secretary and in charge of frontal organisations Rahul Gandhi said on Tuesday he would introduce the pattern of electioneering and democratisation in the mass organisations of the National Students’ Union of India (NSUI). It would take a few years for these organisations to totally metamorphose into hardcore “cadre-based efficient units.”

Continuing his campaign to build party organisations and invigorating the youth in general, Mr. Gandhi did not deny the role of family and history in promoting political careers, “but that would end soon and sheer talent would be preferred in the future leadership.”

In a media interaction before addressing students of the Himachal Pradesh University (HPU), Mr. Gandhi said, “At the block and panchayat level purely elected leadership has started coming up.”

Asked about his vision for the vast population of youth other than the NSUI and Youth Congress, Mr. Gandhi said each one should focus on the job he was doing. “I am focusing hundred per cent on the restructuring and opening up of Congress organisations to the general youth.”