Price rise? IT’s a balancing act!

SEE-SAW GAME: Mahangai game puts you in the hot seat.

SEE-SAW GAME: Mahangai game puts you in the hot seat.   | Photo Credit: — IllustraTion: Special Arrangement

Anand Parthasarathy

Webdunia’s ‘inflationary’ cyber game puts you in PM’s seat

Bangalore: The relentless price rise in India might seem a poor candidate for making fun — but Webdunia thinks otherwise.

The nation’s pioneering Indian language Net portal has just uploaded a new game that puts players in the Prime Minister’s chair, letting them try and try and perform a delicate balancing act to keep a grip on the cost of food, clothing, cooking gas, etc.

The game is called Mahangai (price rise). It can be found at and is also linked from the nine Indian language portals of Webdunia.

The challenge

The challenge is to balance a see-saw type board and ensure that the ‘common man’ as well as his basket of necessities does not fall off. This is done using the mouse to move the cursor left or right — and visitors to the site will soon find it’s not easy.

You may not ‘win’ the game but the creators feel that playing itself, while providing a few minutes of fun, will drive home the lesson that the Prime Minister’s task is not an easy one!

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