Now, a 3-D ID card!

M. Rajeev

Hyderabad: A Swiss company has come up with a solution that completely identifies an individual on the basis of cranial (skull) adjustments, curvature of the eyes, jaws and other unchangeable features. The model has been created by A4Vision ( > , a leading player in biometrics.

Requiring no new software, beyond additions to the existing identification system, the new solution calls for photographs taken with a special 3-D video camera, which uses light patterns projected on the face of the individual.

``This 3-D facial recognition system is useful in various applications including issuance of passports where the data fed into the system can check for the possibility of duplicity,'' A4Vision founder and senior vice-president Kelly Richdale told this reporter recently in Geneva. ``The design ensures that there will be no scope for employees exchanging their cards to suit their convenience.''

The system would also help in identifying those involved in a case of identity theft. It was aimed at helping banks, immigration authorities at airports and other major segments of public interaction.