Not West Bengal-centric, says Mamata

K. Balchand

NEW DELHI: Railway Minister Mamata Banerjee on Wednesday denied that the budget proposals for 2010-11 was West Bengal-centric and said that questions to that effect amounted to humiliating the State and “me.”

Addressing journalists after presenting the Railway budget, Ms. Banerjee charged that their repeated questions that she was doling out everything only to her native State in view of the coming elections were “politically motivated.”

“Leave that to the MPs. They are doing politics. But how can I satisfy 800 people (MPs)? I have not curtailed the rights of any State. Most of these are for other States.”

Ms. Banerjee claimed that nobody had done the kind of work she had executed and went on to claim, “it is a historic rail budget.”

She said she had not touched the fares and had also announced a token reduction in freight charges for food grains and fertilizers. These were aimed at coping with price rise.

She also denied that there was any move to privatise the Railways.

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