No further time to implement report on salary for court staff

Legal Correspondent

New Delhi: The Supreme Court has directed all States and Union Territories, except Sikkim, Punjab, Haryana and the Union Territory of Chandigarh, to fully implement the 19 recommendations of the Justice Shetty Commission on salary, perquisites and allowances payable to staff members of subordinate courts.

No further extension of time could be granted to the defaulters, a Bench consisting of Chief Justice K.G. Balakrishnan and Justices P. Sathasivam and J.M. Panchal said, pointing out that the court had already made it clear that the report should be made effective from April 1, 2003.

“We have been giving repeated directions to implement the recommendations but most of the States have not complied with them. The general objection of the State governments is that they are short of funds. We do not think that by implementing the recommendations, the State governments will incur a heavy financial burden since only reasonable recommendations have been made and the States and UTs can look into them and take proper direction at the earliest, at least within three months.”

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