Modi won by accident: Moily

Gargi Parsai

NEW DELHI: While conceding defeat in Gujarat, the Congress on Monday vowed to carry on its struggle against “communal politics” in the State to ensure that it did not cross the frontiers of Gujarat.

Chairman of the Congress Media Committee Veerappa Moily said the Congress would have won the elections if Chief Minister Narendra Modi had not played the communal card in his campaign. “We would have won but for the mid-way transformation of the communal card into Gujarati pride by Mr Modi. He won by accident.”

Mr. Moily declined to concede that the “accident” was the “maut ke saudagar” comment by Congress president Sonia Gandhi in an election rally. When asked about it, he quoted from an article in The Hindu to say that, “the metaphor was intended to offer the Gujarati electorate a clear-cut choice between an uncompromising secular vision and an equally unsentimental divisive Hindu vote-bank strategy.”

He said if Mr. Modi’s brand of politics were to be taken beyond the frontiers of Gujarat, it would have the capacity to wreck the country.

“If he entertains some idea to come to the Centre, he should know that Mr. Atal Bihari Vajpayee became the Prime Minister with a liberal face. Any person without a liberal face cannot dream of becoming Prime Minister.”

He said the communal plank cannot be sustained. “The sentiments are a bubble. The ideology with which Mr. Modi is fighting and has become the Chief Minister is not possible at the Centre. We will fight it out.”

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