Modi invited for world Gujarati meet in U.S.

Manas Dasgupta

AHMEDABAD: Chief Minister Narendra Modi is among the prominent Gujaratis invited for the second World Gujarati Conference to be held in New Jersey, U.S., from August 29 to 31.

The president of the Association of the Indian Americans in North America, Sunil Nayak, who is also the chairman of the organising committee of the WGC, said about 50,000 Gujaratis from all over the world were expected to attend the meet to be held on the theme of “Chhalo Gujarat.”

When it was pointed out that Mr. Modi was denied the U.S. visa to attend a similar conference there a few years ago, Mr. Nayak said it was a matter between the Chief Minister and the U.S. authorities in which the WGC could not interfere. But, he expressed the hope that Mr. Modi would be able to attend the conference.

“Mini Gujarat”

A “mini Gujarat” would be created at the conference venue, which would be organised by experts flown from Gujarat. Even the chefs to run the kitchen with Gujarati food would be taken to New Jersey from here.

Business tie-ups

The conference would highlight business, culture, education and family values and would provide an opportunity to companies there to showcase their products and plans for possible business tie-ups. The Gujarat Institute of Property Developers would put up an international show listing opportunities available in real estate and infrastructure development in the State, Mr. Nayak said.

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