Memon detained by immigration authorities

Staff Reporter

CHENNAI: The Immigration authorities at the Anna International Airport here detained Mohammed Iqbal Memon (29) of Mumbai on Friday.

The Immigration authorities said around 9 a.m. the detained person landed at the Anna International airport. He travelled by a Sri Lankan airlines flight, which came from Hong Kong to Chennai.

The authorities said Memon, a resident of Memon Colony, Jogeshwari West in Mumbai, was wanted in connection with a Customs case in Maharashtra in the year 2001. Similarly, a Principal Secretary of Maharashtra issued a COFEPOSA detention order against Memon in the same year, which had to be executed by the CB CID (Prevention) police of Maharashtra.

When the Immigration authorities checked the list of wanted persons, it came to light that the detained person's name and passport details figured in the list and after confirmation with their counterparts in Maharashtra, he was detained at the airport. Already the CB CID police of Maharashtra had been informed about the detention and a team would come to Chennai on Saturday to take Memon to Mumbai, the Immigration authorities added.

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