Lok Sabha to discuss in full grants for 6 Ministries

Special Correspondent

NEW DELHI:The Lok Sabha will attempt to discuss in detail the demands for grants to, and budgetary provisions of, at least six Ministries including Defence and External Affairs.

At a Business Advisory Committee meeting here on Monday, Opposition leaders identified the Ministries, and the government concurred. The rest of the demands are to be guillotined at the time of the passing of the budget in the second part of the session.

Discussions would also take place on the demands for grants to and budgetary provisions of the Rural Development, Road Transport (falling under Surface Transport), Water Resources and Tribal Affairs Ministries.

Leader of the Opposition Sushma Swaraj told journalists that the meeting decided to take up the Ministries that were not discussed last year.

The Rajya Sabha BAC is also expected to identify five or six Ministries for detailed discussions when it meets in a day or two before the recess.