Kudankulam’s second reactor synchronised to southern grid

: The second reactor of the Kudankulam Nuclear Power Project (KKNPP), which attained criticality on July 10 last month, crossed another milestone at 11.17 a.m. on Monday when the turbine of the 1,000 MWe unit was successfully synchronised to the southern power grid situated at Abhishekapatti on the town’s outskirts. This marks the generation of electricity and its supply to the grid by the second reactor.

“We’re now transmitting 245 MWe power to the southern grid from the second unit, which will be gradually increased in phases, after conducting mandatory tests stipulated by the Atomic Energy Regulatory Board,” KKNPP’s elated Site Director R.S. Sundar, who monitored the syncing from the control room along with his senior colleagues, told The Hindu .

The unit will be shutdown for a mandatory inspection of the turbine generator after a few days of operation. Generation of power will be raised to 250 MWe, 500 MWe, 750 MWe, 900 MWe and then 1,000 MWe, in stages. At every stage, tests will verify the technical parameters mandated by the AERB. Clearances from the regulator, based on the results, will take up to 2-3 weeks at each stage.

The Voda Voda Energo Reactor was constructed with Russian technical assistance.

‘Great moment’

“This is a great moment for Team KKNPP, which showed exemplary resolve in taking the reactors to this stage despite many hurdles. We’re immensely satisfied with the performance of the reactors, turbines and other allied units as every section is functioning exceptionally well, along expected lines,” Mr. Sundar said.

Originally planned as a project to be completed in 60 months from the ‘first pouring of concrete’ on March 31, 2002, it took 11 years for the Nuclear Power Corporation of India Ltd. to reach criticality with the first reactor because of problems ranging from delays in the supply of components by the Russians to anti-KKNPP agitations.

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