Krishna Iyer for debate on Central, State police process

In an interview to P. Rajeev, a leftist journalist, Justice V.R. Krishna Iyer has said:

“The culture of justice demands uninfluenced search for truth whenever a crime is alleged or a complaint filed. The judiciary must therefore be independent.

“For a similar reason the investigating machinery must be beyond pressure, threat or other forms of inducement. Unfortunately in recent times the investigating instrumentality is sought to be used as an intimidatory, defamatory or incriminatory methodology.

“Blackmail and character assassination through criminal investigation is becoming a menace and political stratagem. Long years of investigation, is itself a menace and when [this is] reversed at a later stage it becomes a common vice.

“Sometimes the court castigates such conduct. Such judicial censure against the CBI is a shock and shame. Many years of investigation with contrary intermediate conclusions are obnoxious features, even of the CBI operations.

“Restructuring of the investigating instrumentality by making it an independent agency beyond manipulation by the party in government has became necessary. Otherwise even the most honest citizens in public life become victims of being maligned through the CBI.

“I feel that the time has come for a national debate on the creation, operation and control of the Central and State police process. I express this view because I find so much of hot controversy over the Lavlin issue where Sri. Pinarayi Vijayan’s name is being made the subject of political imputations.

“Even the finest of persons may suffer character assassination by using the police investigation if it can be manipulated by Central power against a political personality belonging to an Opposition party. I say nothing of the merits of the investigation but demand non-interference from a political angle of any pending investigation.

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