Jyoti Basu will continue on Central Committee

Jyoti Basu, a file photo.

Jyoti Basu, a file photo.  

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The veteran leader will be special invitee to the Polit Bureau

Kolkata: The 19th Congress of the Communist Party of India(Marxist) in Coimbatore has acceded partly to veteran Marxist leader Jyoti Basu’s desire to be relieved of his position in the Polit Bureau or its Central Committee. For the first time since the party was formed in 1964, Mr. Basu will not be a member of the Polit Bureau.

He will, however, be a special invitee to the body and continue on the Central Committee.

Mr. Basu, who wrote to CPI(M) general secretary expressing his wish to be relieved of his responsibilities in the Polit Bureau, has been requested to remain associated with the Polit Bureau.

This was not the first time the 93-year-old leader expressed such a desire. He made the request three years ago before the 18th Congress in Delhi. It was decided then that he should continue to assist and advise the party until the matter was taken up afresh at the next Congress.

His not being in a position — for reasons of health — to attend meetings of the body when held outside the city in recent times seemed only to have reinforced his stand.

His not being able to participate in the party Congress at Coimbatore left him “sad,” Mr. Basu said.

After an active political career spanning more than six decades he was left with no option but to watch of the proceedings on television from his bedroom.

Mr. Basu may not be able to serve the CPI(M) in the manner that he had served, but what is being acknowledged is that in a “party that believes in collective leadership … all individuals have a role to play”: Mr. Basu most certainly has one.

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