Goa to promote its handicrafts

Special Correspondent

PANAJI: Goa has decided to take big strides in handicraft promotion and marketing by introducing an e-portal and internet marketing.

The State-owned Goa Handicrafts, Rural and Small-scale Industries Corporation Ltd. (GHRSSIDC) has decided to introduce bar-coding for Goan handicrafts to begin with.

This decision was taken at the meeting of the Board of Directors of the corporation held here on Tuesday. Chairman of GHRSSIDC Sameer Salgaonkar said, “Plans to introduce ‘Bar Coding System’ for various categories of handicraft products has been taken to enhance the wider marketability of Goan handicrafts.”

Under the new system, the manual system of maintenance of register will be done away with at the sales outlets of the corporation — Aparant. Managing Director Nikhil Desai said the documentation of Goan handicrafts has already commenced.

Mr. Desai said it was also decided to extensively promote sales and marketing of Goan handicrafts through the existing website of the corporation to cater to overseas clientele.

Branding campaign

It has also been decided to undertake extensive branding campaign for Goan handicrafts with financial assistance from the Office of the Development Commissioner, Handicrafts. Publicity campaign will include making of a documentary film on Goan artisans and handicrafts, printing of posters, publicity on hoardings in New Delhi and Goa, printing of brochure on Goan handicrafts, etc.

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