Flames again in IOC fuel tank

JAIPUR: A day after the fire was extinguished, flames flared up again on Sunday in the remaining 11th IOC fuel tank at Sitapura near here.

The surrounding area of 500 metres was evacuated as a precautionary measure, and normalcy is likely to be restored by late night, an official said.

“The flames, which were about to die in the remaining tank, suddenly flared up in the evening after a tilt in the tank,” Chief Fire Officer Ishwar Lal Jat told PTI.

“The flames are some 10-12 metres high and are expected to die down within a few hours as the leftover fuelwould burn up after its contact with air following the tilt,” he said.

Inspector-General of the Jaipur Range-I B.L. Soni said people were asked to evacuate the place as a precautionary measure. — PTI

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