Country has lost a great judge: Krishna Iyer

Staff Reporter

KOCHI: The former judge of the Supreme Court, V.R. Krishna Iyer, said that Justice Chandrachud was the rarest of the rare as an accessible Chief on the Supreme Court Bench.

In a condolence message, he said Justice Chandrachud was the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court for well over 7 years and had the distinction of being in that distinguished capacity for the longest term in the history of the Court.

He was a great judge. His vision was progressive, judgments were lucid, his jurisprudence was sound, his diction was exquisite and his performance on the Bench was perfect. The country lost a great judge, a magnanimous gentleman and a compassionate upholder of constitutional values, Mr. Iyer said.

“I have lost one of the dearest of my brothers on the Bench ever and one of the finest of my friends in the judicial brotherhood. He is remembered in Kerala as a well wisher of the Bench and the Bar.” He had inaugurated the centenary of the District Court, Tellicherry and delivered an address with creative eloquence, Mr. Iyer said.

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