Coast Guard, fishermen mistake each other

Manas Dasgupta

AHMEDABAD: The Coast Guard on Monday apprehended a ship and arrested five fishermen near the international maritime boundary with Pakistan. It turned out that they were Indians and hailed from Porbandar.

Coast Guard sources said the fishing vessel was spotted by the patrolling boat near the international border, but when the patrolling boat fired some warning shots asking the vessel to stop, it started fleeing towards Pakistan.

The patrol boat managed to overpower the vessel “but not without using some force.”

After entering the vessel the Coast Guard realised it was an Indian ship. The fishermen, however, were arrested and handed over to the Porbandar police.

Superintendent of Police Dipankar Trivedi said the fishermen mistook the Coast Guard patrol boat to be one from Pakistan and tried to flee without realising that they were heading towards Pakistan. The fishermen were likely to be produced before the Metropolitan Magistrate in a day or two.

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