Chidambaram sees plot in Hyderabad riots

Special Correspondent

NEW DELHI: Union Home Minister P. Chidambaram said on Wednesday that it was possible that some “hot-headed and rowdy” elements had got together and triggered violence in Hyderabad and directed the City Police Commissioner to handle the situation firmly.

“Hot-headed and rowdy elements who think they can get away with it will have to pay a heavy price,” he told journalists here.

As for the reports of conspiracy behind the riots, Mr. Chidambaram said he spoke to the Police Commissioner who had said it was possible that some elements could have joined hands to trigger violence. Urging the people to maintain calm, he said adequate forces, including the Central police, were deployed in the city.

Describing the clashes as unfortunate, Mr. Chidambaram said the incidents of stone-throwing and violence were the result of “petty skirmishes” over what colour flag should be flown. “Unfortunately, both sides have undesirable elements.”

Mr. Chidambaram said 130 persons were arrested till Wednesday morning.