CPI(M) plans mechanism to monitor members’ assets

Special Correspondent

NEW DELHI: To usher in greater transparency in the higher echelons of the party, the Communist Party of India (Marxist) is planning to set up a mechanism to scrutinise the “Assets and Income” declaration of its Central and State Committee members.

Since the last decade, the party had directed members of its Central Committee and State Committees to file reports each year declaring their “Assets and Income.”

The move began after the rectification resolution and each year, before March, members of the Central Committee, that includes the entire Polit Bureau, file their returns with a designated person in the committee office.

Top party sources told The Hindu that over the years, while such documents were filed regularly, there was no mechanism in place through which the data was perused and a report compiled for the committee.

The party was in the process of formulating a mechanism through which the information provided by members was scrutinised and tabulated so that data generated could be presented in a tabular form. Once such a report was compiled it would be placed before the committee for its perusal, the sources said.

The form is usually filled around the time when a party member renews his or her membership by paying dues. Besides containing information regarding income and assets held by the member, the form seeks detailed information about all immovable properties and other assets and others sources of income, if any. Similar information regarding the member’s spouse is also to be provided in the form.

Apart from the members of the Central Committee and State Committees, the rule is being implemented in some District Committees too. At the last party Congress, 87 members were elected to the Central Committee, which in turn elects the Polit Bureau from among its members.

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