CPI: fallout of ‘pernicious IPL'

Ananya Dutta

KOLKATA: Reiterating his demand for a ban on the Indian Premier League, Communist Party of India leader Gurudas Dasgupta has said India's ouster from the Twenty20 World Cup proved the “impact of the pernicious IPL games on cricket.”

The team that won the inaugural Twenty20 World Cup has now been defeated in the early stages of the competition. “This happened because of the effect of the IPL on the cricketers, on their psychology and on the culture,” he said here on Wednesday.

Calling the IPL “a game of gamble,” Mr. Dasgupta said the IPL controversy resulted from “a collusion between politicians and corrupt cricket managers.” He was also critical of late-night parties organised as part of the event.

He said he was demanding a ban on the IPL for the effect it had on cricket, and the way the game was being used for money laundering.

“I demand a thorough enquiry by a Joint Parliamentary Committee into the scandal.” Questions why the Income Tax department looked into the matter only 21 months after the IPL was started should be answered.

‘Cheap amusement'

“It is not cricket. It is a cheap amusement…out of tune with the game of cricket.” The IPL would only send a wrong message to young cricketers who would begin “to chase money.”