CCTV cameras to be installed at Kolkata Zoo

A year after the sensational theft of eight exotic monkeys from the Alipore Zoological Gardens, close circuit television (CCTV) cameras will be installed to maintain a close vigil on the “most vulnerable” enclosures, officials told The Hindu recently.

“The tendering process for the CCTV cameras has already begun and they should be installed by the end of the month,” said Raju Das, the director of the zoo.

Initially, 20 cameras would be installed at “strategic” locations across the zoo's 50-acre campus. Later, more cameras will be added to the monitoring system, Mr. Das said.On August 9 last year, zoo authorities had reported the theft of eight common marmosets — a species of small-bodied monkeys indigenous to the tropical rain forests in Brazil. Although seven of the eight stolen monkeys were later recovered by the police and the gang responsible for the heist was busted, the incident had raised concerns about the security arrangements at the zoo.

Monitoring the premises through close circuit cameras was one of the long-term measures planned to improve security arrangements at the zoo. Over the past year, several other measures have been put into place.

“We immediately changed the security agency and increased the number of guards,” Mr. Das said.

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