Buddhadeb declines comment

Kolkata: West Bengal Chief Minister Buddhadeb Bhattacharjee on Monday declined to comment on the criticism of his government by NHRC chairperson Justice S. Rajendra Babu who said Nandigram was one of the “worst scars” on the face of the nation.

“I will not say anything unless I study what the NHRC chairman has said,” Mr. Bhattacharjee told reporters.

Mr. Justice Babu told reporters on the sidelines of the Fourth Annual Meeting of NHRC with the State Human Rights Commissions in Delhi that Nandigram and Godhra were severe assaults in the face of democracy. “They were the worst scars on the face of nations,” he said adding that the NHRC was committed to protecting the rights of the people, who were victims of ‘opportunist’ politics in both West Bengal and Gujarat. — PTI

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