BJP government in M.P. “most corrupt”

Special Correspondent

NEW DELHI: Over the last five years of Bharatiya Janata Party rule in Madhya Pradesh, three Ministers in the State government — Ajay Vishnoi, Om Prakash and Jugal Kishore — were forced to resign after charges of corruption were brought against them.

Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chauhan (and his wife) and the former Chief Minister and current Minister Babulal Gaur are among several ministers against whom the statutory office of the state Lokayukta has asked for cases to be filed. All those allegations are well documents, Congress spokesperson Abhishek Singhvi said here on Thursday.

Mr. Singhvi alleged that because of the “ruling dispensation’s delaying tactics and pressure”; the formal charge sheets have yet to be filed in court.

The BJP, he said claims that it is close to the grassroots. This phrase in Hindi translates as being close to the land, Mr. Singhvi said, adding that it had acquired a “bizarre meaning,” as a number of land scandals have erupted.

The Lokayukta had looked at the issue of allotment of land to a private company by Industries Minister Babulal Gaur (who was earlier the chief minister). This case has been filed by the Lokayukt in court. The Mines Minister Lakshmi Sharma was being investigated for allotting mines; while revenue Minister Kamal Patel had allegedly allotted land to persons with criminal record. All those cases were with the Lokayukt, Mr. Singhvi said.

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